Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time for a Change

Greetings from DAnna,

In February of 2008 I began the PRWGA blog.  Some 396 posts later, I am handing over the bloggy reins to Joyce Sisti.  A new blog has been created, with a new "address".  The present blog will continue to hang out in cyberspace if you want to check on anything up to this point.

The address of the new blog is:  so make a note of it, put it in your favorites, or on your desktop, and check it often.  Please contact Joyce Sisti (her number is in the book) if you have items or photos for her to include.

A big thanks to Joyce, for volunteering to take over the blogging duties, and to all of you out there for your kind words and support over the last 3 1/2 years!    Please give Joyce your kind comments, support, and help in keeping our blog going! 

As you probably have heard, my husband and I have bought a house in Colorado, and we will eventually be moving to Parker, Colorado.  I'll be around for awhile (you know how long it takes to sell a house here nowadays), but will understandably be busy getting our house ready to sell, and getting ready to move once that happens.  But I'll still be out on the course whenever I can as long as I'm here. 

Thanks again for all the support you have given to me and the blog.

Fondly, and with a bit of separation anxieity,


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hole In One

Anita Stevens had a hole-in-one on hole #8 at Avila Beach on August 8th.  It was witnessed by Jill McClusky, Jan Lynch and Jan Pelletiere.  This foursome was playing a practice round in preparation for the Dolphin Day Tournament the following day.  Anita said that she used her 7 wood, which was the same club she used in February when she scored another hole-in-one!  Congratulations, Anita!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ace of the Month - September 6, 2011

First Flight

1st Gross:  Rhonda Galyardt @96
2nd Gross:  Sue Ann @100

1st Net:  Gerry Willett @73
2nd Net:  Leah Dukes @75

Second Flight

1st Gross:  Miko Ogato @105
2nd Gross:  Kimberly Dolata @110

1st Net:  Pat Gabler and Jan Lynch @81
2nd Net:  Grace Bergin @82

Third Flight

1st Gross:  Tinker Lane @113
2nd Gross:  Maureen Allen @123

1st Net:  Kay Lopez @78
2nd Net:  Barb Wilcox @84

Closest to the Pin

Gerry Willett @ 17'3"
Pam Morrison @24'1"

2011 Ringer Tournament


Low Gross:  Josie Warner @79
Low Net:  Jan Lynch @54

First Flight
1st Low Gross:  Michelle Christensen @81
1st Low Net:  Linda McCornack/Helen Bourquin @61

Second Flight
1st Low Gross:  Denise Kudla @82
1st Low Net:  Leah Dukes @56
2nd Low Net:  Bettie Triole @58

Third Flight
1st Low Gross:  Ellie Cunningham @93
1st Low Net:  Mary Jo Collings @55
2nd Low Net:  Joan Burgess, Neena Doss @56

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

June Birdies and Chip-ins

June Birdies
Mary Jo Collings #4
Bettie Triol #4
Josie Warner #4

June Chip-ins

Helen Bourquin #7
Sue Lin Bracken #6
Sue Gallager #12
Linda McCornack #1