Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, October 26 Game - Beat the Pro

Paso Robles Women’s Golf Association
October 26, 2010

Beat the Pro

The Pro’s Score was 74

Jill McClusky shot an amazing 63 to soundly “beat the pro”!!

Jan Lynch also beat the pro with a 73!

Congratulations, ladies!

1st Flight Gross

1st Place @94 – Rhonda Galyardt

2nd Place @100 – Jan Pelletiere

1st Flight Net

1st Place @78 – Tie - Leah Dukes & Bettie Triol

2nd Flight Gross

1st Place @101 – Jill McClusky

2nd Place @ 110 – Sue Edmondson

1st Place @75 – Ellie Cunningham

2nd Place @76 – Tinker Lane

Closest to the pin:

1st: Jan Pelletiere

2nd Bettie Triol

October 19, 2010 Game

2 Best Ball Mixer

1st Place: @132
Helen Bourquin, Denise Kudla, Gennie Roeder, Jill McClusky

2nd Place: @133
Sue Gallagher, Grace Bergin, Sue Edmondson, Ellie Cunningham

Closest to the Pin:
1st Place: @1'1 1/2"  Michelle Christensen
2nd Place: @14'9"  Mary Jo Collings

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

80's Ladies Tournament

The annual "80's Ladies Tournament" was held today at Paso Robles Golf Course.

The following ladies participated in the tournament:  L to R - Sue Gallagher, Jayne Donkin, Jean Lowe, Helen Bourquin, Tinker Lane, Martha Brownson and Bettie Triol.

Bettie Triol won 1st place with 31 putts.

Martha Brownson and Helen Bourquin each had 32 - Martha won 2nd in a card-off.

Congratulations to all of our 80's Ladies!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Floating Green

Check this out

Thursday, October 21, 2010

November Hostesses

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who volunteered to be substitute hostesses for November.  Here is the sign up sheet, and I will call or email you to remind you before your day!. 

November 2     Jean Hayward and Marilyn Harman

November 9 - Caroline Getman and Helen Bourquin

November 16 - Denise Kudla and Gerry Willett

November 23 - Grace Bergin and Leah Dukes

November 30 - Ellie Cunningham and Jan Lynch

Thanks again - you all are the best!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

November Hostesses

Neither of the November Hostesses are going to be available to work during November, so I'm in need of some help.  If you are able to be a "substitute hostess", either for the whole month, or just part of the month, please let me know. 

Thanks a bunch.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

President's Cup Results

Congratulations to Clare Shaffer for winning this year's President's Cup!  Clare competed today against Grace Bergin.  How appropriate for our Club President to win the President's Cup! 

In the Consolation Cup, Rhonda Galyardt and Tinker Lane went head to head, but Rhonda won the sudden death playoff, making her the Consolation Cup Winner!

Here are the results of the 2010 President's Cup:

President's Cup Winner:  Clare Shaffer

Consolation Cup Winner:  Rhonda Galyardt

President's Cup Runner-Up:  Grace Bergin

Consolation Cup Runner-Up:  Tinker Lane

President's Cup Lower Half Semi-finalists:  Martha Brownson

President's Cup Upper Half Semi-finalist:  Marilyn Harman

Congratulations, ladies!  

October 5, 2010 Game - Best 9 of 18

Paso Robles Women's Golf Assocation
October 5, 2010
Best 9 of 18

1st Flight

1st Place Gross:  @38 - Helen Bourquin
2nd Place Gross:  @42 - Josie Warner

1st Place Net:  @26.5 - Sue Gallagher
2nd Place Net:  @29 - Denise Kudla

2nd Flight

1st Place Gross:  @43 - Ethel McCrea
2nd Place Gross:  @45 - Martha Brownson

1st Place Net:  @26.5 - Lois Young
2nd Place Net:  @27 - Jill McClusky

Closest to the Pin:
1st:  @8'4 1/2"  Bettie Triol
2nd:  @15.9"  Gennie Roeder