Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010 Game

Mutt and Jeff
(Count the longest holes and the shortest holes)

1st Flight: Gross
1st Place:  @46 Helen Bourquin
2nd Place:  @50  Grace Bergin

1st Flight: Net
1st Place:  @34 1/2  Bettie Triol
2nd Place:  @ 42  Sue Gallagher

2nd Flight: Gross
1st Place:  @51  Josie Warner
2nd Place:  @54 (Tie) Pam Finley & Ethel McCrea

2nd Flight: Net
1st Place:  @36 Anita Stevens
2nd Place:  @37 (Tie) Ellie Cunningham & Jean Lowe

Closest to the Pin (on #4)
Helen Bourquin @ 3'5"
Josie Warner @ 13'10"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Club Championship Coming Up

Our Club Championship starts March 9th, and there will be a sign-up sheet passed around at the General Meeting on February 23rd.  Don't forget to sign up!  There will be no other games for March 9th or March 16th.  If you are not playing in the Club Championship and want to play golf, you will need to make your own tee times.

February 16, 2010 Game - Middle Nine

It was a lovely day, but still a little soggy out on the course.  Not much roll, slow greens and lots of lost balls in the tall grass weeds!  Winter rules helped a bit.

Middle Nine

1st Flight - Gross
1st Place:  @48 - Joan Rogers
2nd Place:  @49 - Helen Bourquin

1st Flight - Net
1st Place: @ 38.5 (3-Way Tie)  Linda McCornack, Bettie Triol & Denise Kudla

2nd Flight - Gross
1st Place:  @51 - Miko Ogata
2nd Place: @53 - Josette Warner

2nd Flight: Net
1st Place: @38.5 - (3-Way Tie) Jan Lynch & Michelle Christensen

Closest to the Pin
Ellie Cunningham @ 9'4 1/2"
Helen Bourquin @ 17'5 1/2"

February Hostesses

February Hostesses - Helen Bourquin and Gerry Willett

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We had our 2nd blogger birthday on February 5th! 
Happy Birthday to us!

Rain Out #3

Okay, all together now...."But we need the rain". 

(But truthfully, aren't you getting a little tired of it!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Something New Is Coming!!

50/50 Drawings

To give ourselves extra money to spend on ourselves, the board has decided to have a 50/50 drawing on luncheon days.  Tickets will be sold at $1.00 per ticket OR $5.00 for 10 tickets.  Winner of drawing will be in charge of the next drawing!  So, bring some extra $$$ (and your lucky rabbit's foot or 4-leaf clover) to the next luncheon (on February 23rd).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday, February 2 Game


Ace of the Month - Gross:  Sue An
Ace of the Month - Net:  Linda McCornack

1st Flight: Gross
1st Place @91  Sue An
2nd Place @92  Rhonda Galyardt

1st Flight: Net
1st Place @72 Linda McCornack
2nd Place @74 Helen Bourquin

2nd Flight: Gross
1st Place @105 Pat Gabler
2nd Place @109 Denise Kudla

2nd Flight: Net
1st Place @79 Bettie Triol
2nd Place @82 Ellie Cunningham

Closest to the Pin
1st Place:  @30'10" - Pam Finley
2nd Place: @44'6" - Pat Gabler