Sunday, August 31, 2008

September 2008 Newsletter

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Change to Pacific Women's Golf Association by Clare Shaffer

As you all know, we will be changing to the Pacific Women's Golf Association on January 1, 2009. Jean Hayward and I are already strategizing on how to convert everyone's handicap index to the GHIN system. Those of you who already have a GHIN number by virtue of being a member of the Roving Rascals and/or Hunter Ranch will keep that handicap. We won't be converting your PubLinks handicap since you already have one on the GHIN system. As a result, in order for your GHIN handicap to be accurate, you must continue to post your scores to the GHIN system every time you play. I've compared everyone's GHIN handicap to PubLinks and they are acceptably comparable with just a few exceptions. So however manner you're getting your scores to the GHIN system, keep on doing it. If you have any questions, please talk to me or Jean Hayward.

August 26 Game - T's & F's

1st Flight:

1st Place @ 37.5 Leah Dukes & Bettie Triol

2nd Place @ 38 Clare Shaffer

2nd Flight:

1st Place @ 34.5 Jan Lynch

2nd Place @ 37.5 Tinker Lane

3rd Place @ 38.5 Pam Morrison

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 12 Game - Odd Holes

1st Flight

1st Place: 33.5 Leah Dukes
2nd Place: 36.5 Grace Bergin & Linda McCornack

2nd Flight

1st Place: 36.5 DAnna Lawson
2nd Place: 37.5 Ellie Cunningham
3rd Place: 38 Ethel McCrea

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 5th Game - Four Score

1st Flight

1st Place - Gross: Leah Dukes - 37

1st Place - Net: Tie - LaRue Besand and Jean Hayward - 26.5

2nd Flight

1st Place - Gross: Ethel McCrea - 42

1st Place - Net: Kay Lopez - 25.5

July 29th Game - First and Last

1st Flight

35 Grace Bergin
35.5 Linda McCornack
36.5 Pam Finley
36.5 Leah Dukes

2nd Flight

35 Gennie Roeder
36.5 Jean Lowe
37 Marilyn Harman
37.5 Tinker Lane