Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Games

During the summer, in addition to the ringer there will be an unhosted tournament on each Tuesday, as in the past.

There will be an "Honor Bag" to put in $2.00 for those that wish to particiapate with a sign up sheet at the pro shop.

All winnings go on the books. There will not be any player of the year points.

Weekly formats will be on the sign up sheets.

July 8th will be Best 9 of 18
July 15 Criss/Cross
July 22 Even Holes
July 29 1st & Last

August To be determined.

Have a great summer. Hope to see you on the links.

J Hayward,
Tournament Chairperson

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Couples Tournament - June 22

Jeff Weidler reports on the Couples Tournament on June 22nd.

Whack and Hack Couples Tournament hosted by Jeff & Suzanne Weidler - a fun format using the low and high net of the 4 person team added together on each hole with one exception. If there was a net birdie, then add the 2 low nets.

The winners had a net birdie on all but one hole. It was our biggest turnout for the couples tournament this year - 40 participants.

1st place with a 119 total: the speediest group on the course - Fred & Sue Edmundson and Tom & Cindi Bergin ($200)

2nd place with a 125 total: the high handicappers of Don Lipp, Jane Villafana, Jack & Josie Warner ($120)

3rd place with a 127 total: the sandbagging crew of John & Grace Bergin and Ray (the double popper) & Chris Anselmi ($80)

Closest to the pin ladies: Trudy Engberg 8'8" and yes she made the putt ($13)
and 2nd place Linda McCornack 13'1" ($7)

Closest to the pin men: Rich Sinclair 10'10' ($13) and 2nd place Fred Edmundson 22'5" ($7)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Break for the Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor (me) will take a break and not publish a July or August newsletter. I will continue to add to the blog, so any news items, photos, etc. can be sent to me and I'll include them on the blog. The newsletter will commence in September!

June 24 - Pink Pig Scramble

1st Place @76 - Leah Dukes, Pam Finley, Pat Gabler & Kay Lopez

2nd Place @80 - Clare Shaffer, Ann Barry & Chris Anselmi

3rd Place @ 82 - Linda McCornack, Jean Hayward, Ellie Cunningham & Cyndi Bergin

Closest to the Pin: Ann Barry 15' 3" Sally Davis 21' 1/2"

June 17 - Mutt & Jeff

1st Flight:

Gross: 1st @44 Leah Dukes 2nd @ 45 Gaye Mayfield
Net: 1st @ 32.5 Clare Shaffer 2nd @ 33.5 Rene'e Rahilly

2nd Flight:

Gross: 1st @ 52 Sue Edmondson 2nd @ 53 Ethel McCrea
Net: 1st @ 36 Cyndi Bergin 2nd @ 37 Kay Lopez

Closest to the Pin:
Gaye Mayfield 7'6" and Cyndi Bergin 20'10"

Friday, June 6, 2008

This and That

Here are some items that got left out of the newsletter.

Pam Finley wanted everyone to know that her husband, Bob, trimmed the tree on #13 so we have a better chance of getting our ball on the green! Thank you, Bob. That tree has gobbled up a lot of my drives!

Donna Ferguson chatted with Jayne Donkin last week and discovered that she had to go down to Burbank to get an "adjustment" on her pacemaker! She's doing fine now and will be back to playing golf in a month.

And, we have a new member - Josette Warner.

If anyone has anything for the blog, just let me know!