Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Practice Round at Rancho Maria on March 6

Anyone interested in a practice round @ Rancho Maria GC on Thursday, March 6th please contact Cyndi Bergin by email or phone. (C Team's 1st match there is Thursday, March 20th.)


Please let your Captain know which dates you will not be available ASAP.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 26, 2008 Game - 6-6-6 Mixer

1st Place 131 Bettie Triol, Nancy Moore, Pam Finley, Blind Draw

2nd Place 138 Helen Bourquin, Grace Bergin, Jean Hayward, Jean Lowe

3rd Place 139 Gerry Reeder, Marilyn Harman, Maureen Allen, Cyndi Bergin

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Don't You Contribute to Our Blog?

If you would like to contribute an article, announcement, photo, etc. directly to our blog, contact DAnna, and I will add you to the list of contributors so you will be able to post your item yourself. How cool is that!

Match Play in Monterey?

Here's the latest buzz on the possible change in format at the Monterey Area's (Pacific Women's Golf Association) playdays: They're seriously considering switching from better ball of partner to match play. Surveys within the Monterey area have shown that participation in the playdays would be better with the match play format. Imagine that!
If the Monterey Area changes, that would mean that once a month for six months (April through October) a match play event would be held at a different course each month.
Something to consider while we debate whether or not to stay with Publinks.
Would love your comments.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on Rene'e Rahilly

Rene'e Rahilly sent this email this morning.

We are still in Tulsa...........with rainy, sleety, freezing stuff falling from the sky. Actually, Charlie and Jeff went to OKC, Integris Baptist, yesterday afternoon so as not to have to drive down in this frightful weather. Jeff has an appt this AM with his surgeon along with lab work at the clinic there. All continues to go well for him, with lab nos etc doing very well. Of course, he still is somewhat uncomfortable at times from such a huge incision and repositioned parts. Some of the meds have taken getting used to, but he comes from tough stock and will not allow this to get him down. We hope to leave for CA on Sun PM. Will keep you updated. Rene'e Thanks for all concerns.

Rainy Day Golfers

Today was team practice day. We practiced for a couple of holes! And, Su An and Pam Finley both had pars on #1!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Notice of Change

Jean Hayward reports that due to team play scheduling, the hostesses for the last 2 weeks of March will be changed. Please check the sign up sheets.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19 Game - O-N-E-S

1st Flight:

Gross: 1st Tie @45 Trudy Engberg & Sue Lin Bracken
3rd 47 Helen Bourquin

Net: 1st 32 Jayne Donkin
2nd 36 Marilyn Harman
3rd 36.5 Sue An

2nd Flight:

Gross: 1st 49 Ellie Cunningham
2nd Tie 52 Pam Finley & DAnna Lawson

Net: 1st 35 Jean Hayward
2nd 36.5 Maureen Allen
3rd Tie 37.5 Sue Edmondson & Jan Lynch

Closest to the Pin: Kim Felgenhauer 7'1"
Jan Lynch 8'5"

February 12, 2008 Game - 2BB of the Foresome

1st 129 Sue Ann, Clare Shaffer, Jane Villafana, Kay Lopez

2nd 134 Kimberly Dolata, Jayne Donkin, Ellie Cunningham, Jan Lynch

3rd 137 Leah Dukes, Gennie Roeder, Sue Edmondson, Blind Draw

Closest to the Pin: Kim Felgenhauer 12'3"
Trudy Engberg 19'2"

February 5, 2008 - Ace of the Month



1st Place Gross 98 DONNA FERGUSON
2nd Place Gross 100 SUE AN

1st Place Net: 76 MARILYN HARMAN
2nd Place Net: 79 KIM FELGENHAUER


1st Place Gross: 112 GENNIE ROEDER
2nd Place Gross: 115 MAUREEN ALLEN

1st Place Net: 80 ELLIE CUNNINGHAM
2nd Place Net: 82 KAY LOPEZ

JAN LYNCH 35ft, 1/2 IN

We're Cool

Well Ladies. Here is our first attempt at high technology. What do you think?